Cessna L-19O-1 BirdDog

Cessna L-19O-1 BirdDog 1.2

This is a simulation program designed for Cessna L-19O-1 BirdDog airplane
1.2.7 (See all)

This is a simulation program designed by the SibWings lab for Cessna L-19O-1 Bird Dog. Cessna Bird Dog X features:
- Four different and absolutely identical to realistic aircraft models fully recreated for FSX
- Highly detailed and fully animated exterior and interior models including such FSX features as bump, reflection and specular mapping, dynamic self shadows, advanced animation
- Smooth gauges based on 3D parts animation
- Sounds (engine and VC custom sounds) recorded from the real Bird Dog aircraft
- Realistic flight dynamics tested by real Bird Dog pilots
- Realistic night light panel
- Additional camera views in the VC

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